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JSC "Radusa" specializes in fast deteriorating and other goods transportation by freight. As we want to take the highest quality services, if the customers need, we al so can tender diversiform logistics solutions, multi-modal freight movement and other services.


The main our activities:


  • Information about airlines, flights, rates.
  • Flexible delivery options (airport to airport, door to door, or combination).
  • Cargo consolidation/break bulk.
  • Packing, labelling, loading.
  • Oversized cargo solutions.
  • Customs brokerage.
  • Complete export, import and transit documentation.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Shipment tracking.


Transportation of fast deteriorating goods


We can tender fast deteriorating goods that need temperature mode support condition preparation for transportation and transportation services.


- Packing. Care of packing staff:

  • emollient;
  • support temperature: dry ice, cool pack;
  • tare: polystyrene box, cardboard box.

- Fast deteriorating goods storage till dispatch.